Welcome to AASLG

Arizona’s rich African American culture dates as far back as 1868.  African Americans in Arizona hold a prominent place in the historic development of numerous educational, community and cultural institutions throughout the state.  Arizona’s African American community is comprised of businessmen and women, educators, activists, artists, musicians and clerics who have been instrumental in building and maintaining some of the institutions that have been a cornerstone in the community; including Paul Lawrence Dunbar School (1925), George Washington Carver High School (1926), Tanner Chapel AME Church (1929), Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church (1930) and the Matthew Henson Housing Development (1941). 


The African American Strategic Leadership Group (AASLG) was formed in 2007 by Phoenix City Councilman Michael Johnson to provide a forum for community members to address current issues and find solutions to challenges uniquely impacting the African American community today.  AASLG seeks to improve the quality of life of all African Americans by increasing access to educational opportunities, quality housing, employment, health care and government resources.